July 1, 2020

WOD: 072001

2 Rounds
30 Seconds Each
Jumping Jacks
Lateral Squats
Lateral Hops in Place
Inchworm to Push-ups
Lateral Hops Over Dumbbell
Slow Air Squats

Single Dumbbell Warmup
Each Side With Lighter Weight:
5 Deadlifts
5 Single Arm Russian Swings
5 Strict Press
5 Burpees

Warmup Set 1
With Lighter Weight:
5 Devil’s Press
7 Over-and-Back Dumbbell Hops
9 Double Dumbbell Squats

Metcon (Time)
On the 4:00 x 5 Rounds:
5 Devil Presses (50’s/35’s)
10 Over-and-Back Hops Over Dumbbell
15 Double Dumbbell Squats (50’s/35’s)
10 Over-and-Back Hops Over Dumbbell
5 Devil Presses (50’s/35’s)
Overtime (Max reps)
4 Giant Sets:
40 Banded Good Mornings
20 Alternating Pistols
10 Pausing Weighted Glute Bridges

Rest 2 Minutes Between Sets

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